Tips to help you on your Loops Journey

Did you know that 44% of americans make a new years resolution to make some sort of habitual change? And nearly half fail.

Why? Because most of us aren't even aware of our habits. Studies show by the age of 35 most of our actions are performed from our subconscious and hard wired into our brain.

But YOU CAN create change! You can intentionally rewire your brain to create positive habits through active reflection, repetition, rewards and accountability.  

Be sure to start with something easy to achieve (micro habits) and then slowly enhance the degree of difficulty. Write down your plan: Try to create a habit loop: cue, routine and reward. Make visible what you will do each day. Remember to start off slow, focusing on creating ritual first and results second. Write in your intention card and post it to our page with the #breakyourloop. This simple act makes it more real and helps you with accountability and reminder of your commitment.

  1. Identify cues. Something has to trigger a habit, and a cue can be anything
  2. Disrupt. Once you know the cues, you can throw bad habits off track
  3. Write it down
  4. Share with others
  5. Keep It simple
  6. Stack it with a current habit
  7. Think long-term
  8. Be Consistent
  9. Reward yourself
  10. Track your progress
  11. Extend yourself grace
  12. Celebrate
  13. Share with others
  14. Stay positive
  15. Visualize Success
  • Write Your Intention #breakyourloop

  • Reward Yourself Daily

  • Celebrate Milestones