Meet Our Founder - Meliza

Since I was a little girl, I have always been fairly organized and visual. List-making has always been important to me, as writing things down and having the ability to visually track my progress helps keep things in order. These tools have been instrumental in shaping who I am today. Yet, I couldn't find anything that I could wear to help me reach my goals.

I have achieved a lot in my life which I am extremely grateful for – a family, an executive job, and all the typical markers of success. But despite reaching these milestones, I felt a longing for more. There is a larger drive within me, an unfulfilled purpose, a desire to create a space where women can be more than they ever envisioned for themselves.

Loops Life was born! The idea was simple yet powerful, based on the four laws of behavior change, make it:

1. obvious

2. easy

3. attractive

4. satisfying

This inspired the creation of a pretty, dainty bracelet that not only tracks habits but also acts as a cheerleader and accountability partner.

"Loops Life is more than a business to me; it’s a mission to empower women to reach their fullest potential. By wearing our Loops bracelets, we remind ourselves daily of our strength, resilience, and capacity for growth."

By sharing with our community, we can uplift and help each other. Think of it like Reddit for women, creating a space for people to be vulnerable and share their stories.

This is my journey, and I invite you to join me on it, as we create a space where we can all be bigger, bolder, and better than we ever imagined.

Loops Life Timeline


Early Stages

The Need: I was tired of using lists and journals that didn’t keep me accountable for my goals. After searching the internet, I couldn’t find anything that truly helped.

The Research: I started looking into and designing potential solutions to fill this gap.

Learning: I dove into the science of habit formation and behavior motivation to figure out how to create an effective tool.


Development Phase

Collaboration: Sister Duo (Meliza and Carrie) teamed up to refine the concept and help each other.

Creation: We did extensive user testing with different materials and designs to find the best solution and developed the first prototype of a wearable device, using the 4 laws of behavior change: make it obvious, make it attractive, make it easy, and make it satisfying.

Testing:  I wore the first set of wearables and gave one to my eldest daughter. Friends started wearing the prototypes, expanding the testing group.


Brand Concept and Evolution

Inspiration: Inspired by the concept of habit loops, the name "Loops" was chosen for its rhythmic, simple, and familiar qualities and the concept of breaking your loop!

The Proof: As more people wore the bracelets, we saw real changes in their habits. These weren’t just bracelets—they were cheerleaders and accountability partners helping women achieve their goals.

May – Now

Growth and Community Building

Vision and North Star: Seeing the positive effects of the bracelets, I was inspired to do more! Through visioning and meditation I set the intention for Loops Life: to empower women to transform their lives with the tools and resources they need to reach their highest potential.

Store Opening: We opened the Loops Life store for product purchases.

Community Launch: We launched the Loops Life Community, and are committed to building a thriving group of supporters and connectors, known as Loopers.

Begin your journey and break your loop!